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This is a short introduction to The Daily Maid Service Ltd. If when you have read through this you are still interested in a job, please fill out the application form at the bottom of the page and post it to us (details at the bottom). Due to the nature of our business we will ask you to complete a comprehensive application form. When you receive the application form please fill out all the pages completely. If you feel the job is not for you, I would like to thank you for your time and to wish you well in your search for employment.

I am looking for staff who will take pride in their work and treat the job seriously. In the past we have had staff treating the job as if it didn't matter whether they turned up or not. It IS important to turn up on the days you have requested to work as the customers are booked according to the staff available. It also means the person you are working with on that day may lose work when they have taken the trouble to turn up.

Working for The Daily Maid Service Ltd. is NOT JUST A CLEANING JOB. It is a job in the service industry working with the public. This is one of the most important points to be made - the cleaning has to be carried out to a high standard - this will gain the respect of our customers who will then rely upon you to carry out the duties they do not have time for.

This may seem to be a lot to read through but please persevere; it will give you an indication of the kind of work and the standards we will expect from you. The main points are as follows:

To start job application process please contact us via our contact form and enter 'Job Enquiry' in the enquiry field.