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The Daily Maid Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why don't you visit every customer?

There are a couple of reasons:
1) We can start you almost immediately; if we visit you it will mean a delay in starting.
2) You do not have to repeat your instructions, when your staff arrive just tell them what you would like them to do.

Do you send the same members of staff every time?

One member of staff will remain the same at all times except in cases of illness or holidays, or if that person leaves, for practical reasons the second member of staff may change periodically. This way there will always be someone available who is conversant with your requirements.

Unless otherwise requested by you we do change the staff completely every few months, keeping the standards high and ruling out complacency. This has worked extremely well in the past.

What happens if my regular cleaner is on holiday or ill?

It may be the case when your regular cleaner is on holiday or ill, we may have to telephone you and ask if we can come at another time or, in extreme circumstances, another day.

How long as the Daily Maid Service Ltd. been established?

For over 24 years.

How do I pay?

You pay on the day the cleaning is carried out, either by cheque or cash, my staff will pick the payment up as they leave. If you are out please leave the payment in a place my staff will find it. Please see conditions 2 & 3.

If I pay by cheque who do I make the cheques payable to?

Daily Maid Service Ltd. Thank You.

How are the staff recruited – how do I know they are honest and reliable?

A basic interview is carried out on the telephone asking a series of questions. If the answers are what we are looking for an interview is set up with that person. The interview is extensive requesting references and permission for a POLICE check to be carried out. We then take up references, normally two business and one character. If everything is alright that person is employed on a trial basis. A new member of staff is sent out with a supervisor to be trained for at least a week. Once trained all work is inspected work at random. Two new members of staff do NOT work together.

How much time do you need for a cancellation?

Please see Terms and Conditions 1 & 1A

What happens if I go on holiday?

Please give as much notice as possible. You do not lose your future appointments, but we do like to fill the slot with other work - the staff do not lose any hours this way.

Will I get the same day and time always?

As far as it is possible you can be assured you will have the same day and time every visit. It takes a little time at first to work a set appointment out, but when it happens it stays that way unless specified by you, or, in extreme circumstances, if someone has called in ill and we cannot find a replacement. You will be advised on the day if this situation occurs.

How do I know you are reliable and will always turn up?

We can only assure you that we are reliable. In the past ten years we have never missed an appointment. The only thing that is likely to happen is your appointment may (in extreme circumstances) be changed either in time or day (please see above question).

You say the standard of your work is high. How do I know it will stay that way?

You don't, we can only assure you it will with your help. If it does deteriorate PLEASE telephone the office straightway. We take complaints very seriously and so do our staff - they work extremely hard and a lot of effort on everyone’s part has gone into making The Daily Maid Service Ltd. what it is today.

Are you fully insured?


If I am absent from the property and someone comes to the door, what measures do you have in place for my security?

The staff DO NOT allow any person access to the property unless advised by yourselves or the office. If an unexpected caller comes to the door they will not admit the caller until verification is given by the office. This will only be given if we have the correct contact numbers we need to be able to reach you. If no authorisation is obtained, the caller will be refused entry. The staff are also advised not to give the information that you are absent from the property - they will advise the calle "you have just popped out".

If I am absent from the property when your staff are due and I let you have a set of keys and, if applicable, an alarm code, what security measures do you have to ensure the security of my home is not breached?

This will be explained to you over the phone. We do not feel our security measures with regard to keys etc. should appear online.